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  • Collaborative Teaching and Learning
  • Flipped Classrooms & todays offices
  • Engaging Students & work colleagues
  • Remote Teacher/Student and Corporate solutions via Xest-Connect (Released Now)
  • 2 way screen sharing/mirroring and annotation
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • and much more ...


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    Connect, engage and share content via PC, Android, iOS and Mac.


    XEST is a unique application for both Teachers and Students to connect, engage and share content via PC, Android, iOS and Mac.


    Xest now utilises WebRTC to allow for remote Students as well as Wireless participation in the class.


    BYOD's can both share their screen/content as well as receive the Teacher and other Student screens/content for a truly 2 way learning experience.

    Video - QUT PBL Flipped Classroom Video

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    Online Collaboration Tools & Screen Sharing Programs

    Some of the features that will make you a star with your students.

    Learn More about Share Screen

    Share Screen

    As a teacher, mirror your screen to all students in the room at the click of a button.

    Learn More about Bring to Me

    Bring to Me

    Connected students devices can be mirrored and if desired send it to the entire class.

    Learn More about Xest Groups


    Teachers and Students can create and join Groups.

    Learn More about Xest Student Notes

    Student Notes

    Students can take class notes and record their screen.

    Learn More about Xest File Share

    File Share

    Share any type of file in any direction, within the classroom.

    Learn More about Xest BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


    Teachers and students can present content from personal devices via wifi.

    Learn More about Xest YouTube


    Find and show you tube clips directly from Xest ad free and at the highest resolution.

    Learn More about Xest Interactive StormCloud

    Storm Cloud

    An interactive whiteboard session where every participant can contribute with their own device.

    Learn More about Xest Polling


    Poll students to test their understanding or understand their preferences.

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    Xest is used by VUW

    Story Link - Victoria University NZ "Flipping the Classroom"

    Victoria University of Wellington - Flipping the Classroom

    Xest is used by QUT

    Story Link - Science and Engineering Centre by Dr Gordon Howell

    Science and Engineering Centre QUT by Dr Gordon Howell

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