Collaborative Screen Sharing

Our innovative screen sharing technology allows you to project content from your device onto the device that your students are using. Whether it’s a presentation or a video you’ll be able to mirror this content onto every device that your pupils are on. This means students won’t have to clamour around a projector and it gets them more involved with your lesson too.


In addition, we have a Bring to Me piece of software that allows you to mirror your students screens. You’ll be able to see how they’re reacting to their work in real time, therefore allowing you to pick up on weaknesses or areas where you need to intervene. Furthermore, you can interact with their work too with our pen function that will allow you to leave notes for your students.


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What Are the Benefits of Class Collaborative Group Screen Sharing?


Our collaborative screen sharing technology is a fantastic edition to educational resources for both teachers and students. Our software can completely revolutionise the classroom environment by creating a more inclusive and interactive experience.


There are many benefits to using our screen sharing technology and some of them are:


  • At Xest we understand that teachers lead demanding lives and the pressure of all the tasks they must complete each day can mount up. Fortunately, we create our collaborative learning software to be easy-to-use and it’s designed with simplicity in mind. Using screen sharing on a regular basis may mean that your teachers don’t have to plan for what worksheets they need or if they require extra equipment for that lesson to be taught. Everything is in one place for ease of use.


  • Collaboration & Interaction. Both our Share Screen and Bring to Me pieces of software allow for a greater level of interaction between the student and the teacher. Every student is involved in the screen share and our many other tools enable them to interact openly and honestly with the work they have been set and each other. Our software will help even the shyest child in your class become more engaged with class activities.


  • Provides a Deeper Look Into a Student’s Thought Patterns. Having a greater level of interaction between teacher and student is wonderful as it helps the pupil receive the education they need. Our screen mirroring software will permit teachers to witness the thought patterns of each student, helping the teacher adjust their lessons to fit in with what their pupils need.


There are many other reasons why our class collaborative group screen sharing software can help reform your classroom and help provide your students with the best education available.

If you want a classroom environment where your students feel confident and involved then our cutting-edge software is a must for your institution.


Try Our Pioneering Collaborative Screen Sharing Technology for Free

At Xest we understand that there is a delicate balance that must be maintained in a classroom and that implementing new technology and different approaches to a lesson can throw off this balance. That is why we offer a free comprehensive trial for every institution that wants to try our product.

Every feature and function will be available to you once you have signed up for the trial and you can start experimenting with our modern software right now.


Contact Our Team About Our Class Collaborative Group Screen Sharing Software

If you have any queries about our classroom screen sharing software or any or wish to know how to purchase it then you can contact us via an online enquiry form or by giving us a call.

Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our software so get in touch.  

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