Our philosophy

Xest was started with a dual purpose:

- To make the classroom matter once more

- To declare war on audio visual providers

The emergence of Learning Management Systems meant that content was now accessible at any place any time. Information was no longer limited to a teacher, and students were not dependent on class time any longer. Information started to become commoditised.

So, we asked ourselves a very simple question "do we see the classroom remaining relevant?"

We said yes! We believe it is more relevant now than ever before. In our view the classroom provides the opportunity to apply information, not to simply learn it. The application of information requires real time interaction, discussion and questioning. Classroom participation and interaction now becomes the measuring stick for a quality education.

Our Approach

Xest has been specifically developed to cater to the needs of all teachers. We want to help teachers flourish in an ever increasing technological world, where innovation has caused uncertainty on the best ways to educate. We saw ever growing confusion on how to deal with the growing demands technology is bringing.

So we did something about it. We created Xest.

A classroom learning tool that allows students and teachers to interact with content and one another to facilitate discussion to drive a deeper learning experience.

To make it work Xest needed to be:

Easy to use - Xest uses a very simple and intuitive user interface, where any tool operates with a simple on/off function. So it's no different from switching on a light or flicking the power on.

A platform for teacher and students - Xests' products are focused on providing a complete classroom experience. We decided to consolidate a whole range of tools and put them under one umbrella. So you can use some or all of these, without needing any other system.

Video streaming capable - 80% of content (and growing) is video. We saw this being critical to the classroom teaching experience of the 21st century. Prior to Xest, only expensive AV hardware provided the ability to do this.

We recognised that teachers are only part of the equation. We understood that for Xest to work there were some very important tech aspects that needed to be addressed. And so we set out develop a solution that allowed an educational institution to:

- Maintain network security all while operating across multiple sub networks

- Do more with shrinking budgets

- Provide increase access amongst staff to ensure that the technology was used instead of sitting on a shelf.

To find out how many of the leading educational institutions have started engaging their students in class while slashing their budgets contact us today.

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