Collaborative Learning Tools & Software for Education Sectors

Our screen sharing software for universities and schools offers a vast range of functions that will allow teachers to create an interactive classroom environment with ease. All our tools have been designed with educational collaboration in mind and its functions can revolutionise your classroom’s environment.


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These tools include:

  • Screen Sharing tools
  • Bring to Me
  • BYOD
  • Room Join
  • Storm Cloud
  • Student Notes
  • YouTube
  • Poll
  • File Share
  • Planner
  • Student Control
  • Chat
  • Screen Lock
  • Cam
  • Interact On/Off
  • Groups
  • Timer
  • Privacy
  • Record


Every app and function in our classroom collaboration software has been designed to help teachers engage their students on a meaningful level, therefore allowing for greater academic expansion.


What Are the Benefits of Learning Through Class Collaboration Software?

Learning should be a joint experience as students should be able to gain knowledge through their fellow pupils and their teacher. Sadly, many educational institutions rely heavily upon a secular view of academic achievement and many schools/universities don’t implement collaborative discussion and interactive work regularly in their curriculum.

Our education collaboration software aims to bring students and teachers together, so that everyone can benefit from an inclusive learning experience.


Some of the benefits of collaborative learning are:


  • Enhances Problem Solving Skills. When students interact openly with one another regarding their work they’re more likely to solve problematic issues much faster. Students who feel comfortable and confident with one another are free to experiment with different thought patterns and opposing opinions, therefore giving them a wider scope for problem solving.


  • Inspires Critical Thinking. As students are more exposed to other ideas and perspectives through using our classroom collaboration software they’re more prone to think critically and diversely. They will be able to examine problems with a keen eye and view texts, mathematical equations, scientific methods etc. with an emphasis on critical thinking.


  • Improves Social Interaction. By ensuring that every member of your class is involved will help develop social skills within every student. More reserved pupils will become more outspoken as they’ll be given a platform where their thoughts and opinions matter.


  • Aids the Development of Self-Management. When pupils are given the freedom to interact with each other intellectually as well as with their work they’re more prone to developing self-management skills.


Why We Created Our Class Collaboration Software  

We believe that our collaborative learning tools can help innovate your classroom’s environment and push your students to be the best academic versions of themselves. This is one of the reasons we created our software, so that the learning environment could adapt to the ever-changing world of technology while still providing an extensive and inclusive academic program.


At Xest we believe that students should have the opportunity to be taught how to think and not what to think. Furthermore, we understand that budgets are limited in academic establishments, but we still believe that every institution should have access to new and improved technology. We created an expansive set of software at a below market price to ensure that a variety of schools and universities have the opportunity to provide their students with the finest equipment for collaborative learning.


Free Trial on Our Education Collaboration Software

At Xest we understand that implementing new technology into your lessons can be daunting and you can never be sure if it’s going to be right for you or your students.


That is why we provide a free trial for all institutions that are interested in our software.


Find Out More About Our Screen Sharing Software for Universities & Schools 

If you’re interested in learning more about our collaborative learning tools, just reach out to us today. You can either send off an online enquiry or give us a call and one of our knowledgeable members of staff will be happy to help.

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