One platform for Blended Learning and Screen Sharing

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Need to share your Screen with Student Devices?

Need to view and share Student screens with your device or with other Student Devices?

Need an alternative to allow Teachers' an easier way to use Screen Sharing? Look at our API for AV Controllers.

Xest is a true "Muli Directional" Screen Sharing Software Solution.

No central Display. Direct from device to device and with tools for an engaged Classroom.

In 60 seconds find out.....

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2 ways for Teacher's to use Xest in the Classroom.

Option 2: The Xest Audio Visual Control System API.

The API allows you to integrate Xest with AMX or Crestron Control Systems.

The API allows you to hide the Xest User Interface on the PC and let your Teachers' use Xest Screen Sharing the way they are use to.

"Via the Touch Panel."

Xest simply becomes a "Software Video Matrix Switcher" for the Control System to switch views for Audio Visual Screen Sharing.

. Why Xest

Collaborative Learning Technology For The Education Sector

At Xest we aim to bring teachers and students closer together through our classroom screen sharing software and the many other functions available on our educational platform. We aim to make the classroom experience easier and allow teachers to gain control of their lessons fully, enabling them to teach to the best of their abilities.


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Education Screen Sharing Software and More

We wanted to create software that would permit teachers to have all of their resources combined into one easy and convenient place. There are many features that make up our software and our customers can take advantage of every single one, therefore creating a more cohesive and organised classroom environment.


Some of the features include:


  • School Screen Sharing. Instead of having your class crowded round one projector or busily working through print-outs you can now share your resources with your entire class. Our class screen sharing software gives teachers greater freedom and enables them to adapt their lesson accordingly without delay.


  • Classroom Screen Mirroring Software. Through our innovative software you can mirror your students screens on to yours and you’ll be able to project your own screen onto their devices. This means that you can look over each student’s work and progress with just the click of a button.


  • Storm Cloud. We believe that pupils and teachers should be able to interact fully within the framework of a lesson and our storm cloud software helps bring student and mentors together. The storm cloud is an interactive whiteboard that every student can contribute to throughout the lesson.


  • Student Notes. Your pupils can now write notes consistently throughout the lesson and the best part is you get to save what they’ve written. This technology gives you the deepest insight possible into your students thought patterns and ideas as they continue to learn and grow throughout their academic careers.


We have many more features that contribute to the revolutionary technology we have created that help make a classroom more interactive. From school screen sharing to student notes there are a range of possibilities that can help your students flourish in their studies.


What Are the Benefits of Classroom Screen Sharing Software?

  • Greater Collaboration. By using a combination of our screen sharing and our classroom screen mirroring software you’ll be able to create a more collaborative environment between teachers and students. Our cutting-edge technology gives you the chance to get your students involved in a meaningful way while working together towards the lesson’s goals.


  • Insight Into Students Thoughts. Sometimes a pupil doesn’t want to tell you they don’t understand or that they’re having issues with something. Our software gives teachers a greater insight into the minds of all their students, therefore allowing them to cater to their individual needs.


  • Greater Lesson and Resource Control. As all your resources are tucked away in one place you won’t have to worry about multiple USB’s and other storage solutions slowing you down. Everything you need to conduct an intriguing and thought provoking lesson is available on our software.


  • Everything is in One Place. The beauty of our software is that everything you could need for your lesson is available on our platform. Video streaming, presentations and other lessons resources are all accounted for on our software, therefore giving your teachers superior control over their lessons.


Contact Us About Our Classroom Group Screen Sharing Software

If you have any queries about our education screen sharing software with Wi-Fi or our Collaborative Learning Tools, just give us a call or send off an online enquiry as we’d be happy to help you.

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One platform for all your classroom tools

Xest Screen Share

Share Screen

Sharing a video clip or presentation with your students should not require drawing their attention to a difficult to see data projector. With Share Screen you can mirror your content to all student's devices in your class at the click of a button. That means you can be certain they have a clear view while engaging with the technology they love to use.

Xest Bring to Me

Bring to Me

For the first time you can watch the way your students interact with a problem. Bring to Me creates the most personalized teaching environment ever seen. By mirroring students' content to your device at will, you get an unparalleled view of their thought processes, giving you the ability to identify areas of weakness and address these with targeted intervention. The Pen function, lets you interact with their content and highlight areas of note from your device. Find work that is interesting, showcase it by streaming it to all student devices to create a deep and interactive learning experience.

Xest BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Nothing should come between you and your personal devices, especially in a classroom. With our BYOD function you and your students can connect in real time within the class to share videos and images via wifi, to a displays. From there you can share it to all students through the send to all feature making your personal device a key part of the learning experience.

Xest Room Join

Room Join

Teaching a class on a distant campus once meant making the long trip there and spending time away from family. Room Join connects multiple rooms on one or many campuses in real time, allowing you to provide the same teaching experience without making the trip. You also have the perfect solution to handle student overflow issues when a single classroom is simply not large enough.

Xest Interactive StormCloud

Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud provides the facility for an interactive whiteboard native to Xest. Every participant can contribute with their own device. It's like having a "butcher paper" in front of every participant, each with the ability to influence the discussion. What's more is you can upload files that can be drawn over without changing the source document - now that's interactive learning.

Xest Teacher Student Notes

Student Notes

Students can take notes as the class progresses. Add Subjects. Capture their screen and add notes to the screen captures and record a video of their screen to review later. This is then zipped up and can be saved to disk.

Xest YouTube


We have removed the adds and automatically deliver your students the highest resolution video content. YouTube hosts a wealth of knowledge that you can now access in class. You can search, save and show clips - to specific students, groups or the entire class.

Xest Polling


Gaining insights into the thoughts of your students is no longer dependent on asking for a show of hands or handing out clickers. Upload predetermined questions or make them up as you go using Poll. It provides the fastest way to ask your students questions while obtaining a statistical breakdown of their answers - giving you the ability to gauge students' understanding and immediately adjust accordingly.

Xest File Share

File Share

Sharing files with students in the classroom is now stress free. With a few clicks you can send any file from any folder to all students in the class in real time. Eliminate the need for email, USB's or any other web based service.

Xest Lesson Planner


Bringing all your content to class shouldn't be complicated. Planner gives you the platform to effortlessly bring your material together. Upload any content from any source, including your LMS, USB, network drive or webpage. So you can focus on teaching, instead of searching for content while students wait and lose focus.

Xest Student Control

Student Control

Collaboration shouldn't be inhibited by technology, it should be enhanced. Student Control lets teachers hand the baton over to the class, for individuals to showcase their work and gain feedback. By selecting "Student Control" you provide students the ability to share their work without the need for you to go back to your device. This gives you the freedom to walk through the room and engage with your students while trusting their desire to learn.

Xest Chat


Empower all your students with an equal voice in the classroom. Chat removes all barriers to communication, making it easy for apprehensive students to speak up. Students submit questions or statements to you during class time, creating a dynamic and participatory learning environment. That means you can address questions at your convenience, while increasing engagement and understanding.

Xest Screen Lock

Screen Lock

Screen Lock allows you to easily lock students' screens. It's Ideal for locking PCs when time is up during exams or simply gaining students attention away from their devices.

Xest Talking Head Cam


Used in conjunction with 'Room Join", "Cam" creates a more personal learning experience when you are not in the same room. Now your interactions using Xest can have the same depth as being there.

Xest Student Interaction On/Off

Interact On/Off

There are times you want your class to work collaboratively and there are times when you want students to operate independently. Interact gives you the option to choose the type of lesson you would like to host while maintaining the flexibility to change on the go.

Xest Student Groups


Students and Teachers can create Groups within the Classroom. The Teacher can share their screen to an individual Group without disturbing other Students. Students can share their screen to their Group. All Chats can be limited to the Group. Students can only connect to and share with Group Members when Groups are enabled.

Xest Timer


Easily allocate and monitor time you set for specific activities. Timer lets you allocate how long a student or group has to spend on a specific task trough the countdown clock. So students can self-regulate their time and work to a deadline and you get a reminder on when time is up.

Xest Student Privacy


The Privacy button allows Students to set their session as "Do not Disturb" the Student thumbnail will show as "Busy" to other Students and and report as "Busy" if another Student tries to connect. This action is only relevant to other Students and not the Teacher. A "Private" Student will always appear as normal to the Teacher.

Xest Student Record Screen


Students can Record their screen. The Screen Recording will capture everything that is displayed on the Students PC Display. This includes the Teacher Display when shared, any YouTube video the Teacher has shared as well as other Student Displays when connected to other Students or Groups.

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