• So I can use applications like Zoom and Skype for classroom collaboration!
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    Absolutely. Things you will need to consider.

    We find these types of applications that have been designed for "Video Conferencing" introduce complexities and come with limitations to achieve a true open collaboration experience in the classroom.

    For example if Students need to break out into groups, they must leave the main session and create a new session. At this stage they are without a Teacher unless the Teacher leaves the main session and joins each group 1 at a time. If the Teacher wants to show a Student screen to the rest of the class, they must ask that student to share their screen.

    This can have a negative effect on the flow of the class and become disjointed.

    Xest allows for the 1 session where all, including remote Students, have instant access to each other at all times. The Teacher can drive the flow of the class simply with 1 or 2 clicks. Students can break out into groups and always have direct access to the Teacher and other Students. The Teacher can see all the Students and groups and have direct access to them as well. We feel that all attending the class should simply use their devices the way they normally do.

  • Can I see other people's screens on my mobile device?
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    With Xest you can not only share your mobile device screen with others, they can also share theirs with you. Directly to your mobile device screen. No need for everyone to huddle around the 1 display.

    The Xest screen share is truly a 2 way screen sharing platform.

  • How long does it take to train a Teacher to use Xest?
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    Literally 30 seconds.

    The menu has been designed to show the 2 main functions. "Share Teacher Screen" and "Bring to me". The "Bring to me" function shows all connected screens as a thumbnail and a simple click, brings that student to the Teacher screen. A simple click on "Send to all", can then share that Student with all other Students. All actions are a simple On/Off toggle. No need to navigate right click menus or hidden sub menus.

    More advanced functionality is grouped behind the tools button and available if the Teacher would like to explore in their own time.

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